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Expert Water Filtration Systems

There are a variety of methods used to remove impurities from your home’s water supply. Two of the most effective are a whole house water filtration system and a reverse osmosis system. Both systems use filters to eliminate contaminants, chlorine, even odours found in your tap water. They come in different shapes and sizes – from the countertop variety to under the sink systems, to shower and bath fittings with cartridges. Most water filtration systems are affordably priced and safe for the environment.

Benefits of Whole House Water Filtration

Since 1974, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been tasked with making sure that public water supplies are safe for consumption. However, sometimes public water may contain pathogens and excretions from landfills. Even in small amounts, these contaminants may present considerable health issues to people who use the public water supply. Whole house filters are made to treat water for general use, such as bathing, cleaning and laundry. Whole house systems filter water from the main water line throughout the home and through every tap.

Whole house water filtration systems will significantly improve the quality of the water entering your home. They provide other benefits such as disease prevention, reduce costly repairs and they even improve the performance of appliances. Call One Stop Trade Services for quality whole house water filtration that will change the way your water tastes and feels. We carry water filtration systems from reputable manufacturers. Our licensed plumbers have the skill and experience it takes to provide you with a quality whole house water filtration system.

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Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

While a whole house filtration system is installed at the main water line to treat the water in your entire home, a reverse osmosis water filtration system is usually installed under the kitchen sink to filter the water used for drinking and cooking. Whole house systems filter out specific pollutants from the entire house, while reverse osmosis removes a wide range of pollutants for your drinking water.

Reverse osmosis filters water through a sponge-like film that removes contaminants and stores clean drinking water in a holding tank. Reverse osmosis is one of the more popular water filtration methods available on the market today.

Both whole house water filtration and reverse osmosis provide proper water filtration. All water filtration devices use filters to literally filter out contaminants, chlorine, even odours found in your tap water. As an added bonus, most water filtration systems are environmentally safe and cost-efficient.

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