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At One Stop Trade Services in Adelaide, SA, we provide hot water system repairs and Hot Water Service Replacement by licensed plumbers. A 100% satisfaction guarantee backs all of our work, so you know we are doing the job right. We offer 24-hour emergency service, flat rates and free home safety inspections.

You can count on us to be Adelaide’s most trusted hot water system experts. Our team of certified plumbers has the experience and skill to get your hot water system running again.

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Hot Water System Repairs and Replacement

A faulty hot water system can lead to daily inconveniences such as cold showers and no hot water for dishwashing or laundry. Call One Stop Trade Service at the first sign of hot water system failure. We work on all types of hot water systems, including instantaneous and storage, usually either gas, electric or solar. We will provide a free professional inspection to determine why your hot water system is malfunctioning. When we find the source of the issue, we will present you with the right options suitable for your home and budget.

Not sure whether to repair or replace? If your water heater is more than ten years old and frequently needs repairs, it may require replacement. Our team of experts can provide you with honest recommendations so you can make the most cost-effective decision. We carry hot water systems from leading manufacturers, including Rinnai, Rheem, Dux, Therman and Bosch systems. We will even remove your old unit and dispose of it.

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Traditional Systems vs. Instant Systems

Many homeowners are switching to instant hot water systems instead of the traditional hot water systems we are used to seeing. These instant hot water systems, also known as on-demand or tankless, are more energy-efficient than conventional water heaters. They will heat up your water supply the moment to turn on your tap. Instant systems do not store large amounts of water in a tank and they take up much less room. Call One Stop Trade Services to learn more about our instant hot water systems.

Hot Water System Maintenance

A hot water system that functions at peak efficiency is likely one that receives annual routine maintenance. Homeowners who elect to have annual system maintenance can avoid problems like not enough hot water or high water bills. We provide Hot Water Service Replacement maintenance for any type of system, be it electric, gas, or solar, tankless or storage.

Annual hot water system maintenance will prevent costly repairs down the road, extend the life of your system and keep those energy bills in check. During our annual maintenance inspection, we will locate and repair any issues we find, lubricate parts, and replace filters as needed. In addition, system maintenance may be required by certain manufacturers to maintain the warranty.

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