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Don't ignore a blocked drain! Call the drain repair experts in Adelaide.

One Stop Trade Services in Adelaide, SA has been unblocking Blocked drains for more than ten years. We can clear the toughest of clogs no matter how big or small. Our licensed plumbers have the knowledge and know-how to clear tough drain clogs without damaging your drains.

We proudly offer 24-hour drain cleaning, flat rates and clean and tidy plumbers who are licensed and insured. Our work carries a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can be sure we will do the job right.

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Why Drains Become Blocked

Anything that goes down your drain can potentially block it. Grease build-up, food particles, bones, hair, tissues, hard water deposits can all clog a drain making it a nuisance and an inconvenience. Don’t ignore a blocked drain. Doing so will turn what could be a simple issue into a serious one.

One Stop Trade Services can clear any blocked drain so you can get on with your normal daily routine. If the blocked drain is very serious, we may use high-pressure water jetting or hydrojetting to remove the obstacle that is clogging the drain. Hydrojetting is a sophisticated drain cleaning technique that should only be executed by qualified hydrojetting professionals.

Drain Maintenance & Hydrojetting

You can take safety precautions to ensure that your drains are free and clear of obstacles that can block it. Once a month use a plunger on your drains to remove surface debris. Pouring hot water down the drain can also dissolve particles that clog it. Some homeowners find hydrojetting their drains once a year will keep drains flowing smoothly all year round and eliminate the need for repairs.

One Stop Trade Services offers routine drain maintenance, including hydrojetting. Call to schedule your free home safety inspection.

How You Can Clear Your Drains

Blocked drains are a common problem found in just about every home at one time or another. They are usually not serious, and you can resolve them on your own by following a few simple steps. Using a plunger, coat hanger, or commercial liquid drain cleaners can sometimes be useful for clearing out a blocked drain. Instead of harmful chemicals, you can use natural products like vinegar and baking soda. These home remedies sometimes work; however, they are usually temporary.

Ensure that no foreign objects get into your drains. Items like face wipes, paper towels, even soap scum and skin flakes will accumulate and eventually block your drain pipe. Standing water in the bathroom or kitchen is an indication of a blocked drain. If your attempts to clear your drain are unsuccessful, call One Stop Trade Services to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Clogged drains are no match for One Stop Trade Services in Adelaide. Call 0432 344 093 for blocked drain service, hydrojetting, clogged drain repairs, 24-hour emergency service, upfront prices and free home safety inspections.