Adelaide Backflow Testing and Certification

Ensure the safety of your water supply with certified backflow testing in Adelaide.

Backflow testing is used to make sure that domestic drinking water is not contaminated by wastewater infiltrating your home’s water supply. Backflow testing is a procedure that should be a part of every home’s maintenance routine. At One Stop Trade Services in Adelaide, SA we have been conducting backflow testing for over ten years. We provide backflow testing and certification for your peace of mind.

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What Is Backflow Testing?

Backflow testing is a technique used to check your water supply to make sure that drinking water is not being contaminated by dirty water. Normally, the water that enters your home is kept at a set pressure to allow the flow of water throughout your home. If your pipes experience an unexpected drop in pressure due to them bursting or freezing, wastewater from the ground can infiltrate your water supply.

At One Stop Trade Services, we provide backflow testing and certification to residential customers who want to ensure they receive clean and safe drinking water every time they turn the tap. Call us today for your free home safety inspection.

How to Prevent Backflow

Backflow can be prevented by using an air gap. This involves leaving an empty space between a place where water collects and the devices that connect to your plumbing systems, such as taps and valves. Another way to prevent backflow is by using backflow prevention devices, such as a backflow preventer valve. These devices can help to maintain the right water pressure so that water can flow to other areas of the home. A reputable plumbing contractor can install a backflow prevention device in your plumbing system.

Backflow prevention devices can certainly help. However, they are not always effective. That is why it is important to have backflow testing done at least once a year to make sure that the water that you and your family are drinking is safe to consume.

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Routine Backflow Testing Is Key

As a responsible homeowner, you should make backflow testing is an important part of your home’s maintenance routine. One Stop Trade Services provides annual backflow testing and certification to ensure your peace of mind. We will test your backflow prevention devices to make sure they are doing their job. We use the latest technology to determine the safety of your drinking water. Adding routine backflow testing to your usual home maintenance routine is the best way to prevent backflow in your home.

One Stop Trade Services in Adelaide is a licensed backflow testing and certification specialist. We offer backflow prevention devices and backflow testing to ensure your water is safe to drink, with 24/7 emergency service and upfront prices. Call us at 0432 344 093 for your free home safety inspection.